Fun in the Farmyard

What is your favourite farm animal? Chances are you will find them at Old Mates Farmyard.

Every afternoon our campers are invited to join in our daily animal feeding. Put the gumboots on the kids, grab a camera, pour yourself a refreshing beverage and take a walk up to the farmyard to join in the fun.

We have chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, buffalo, cattle and of course our farm dogs.

Babe & Miss Piggy

There are not much these two farmyard favourites won’t devour in their food trough. We also have Wilbur and Peppa who were a little camera shy on this day.

Save your fruit and vegetable foodscraps and add them to the bins located around the grounds (no meat please).

Jack the Goat

Jack is always happy to be hand fed by the children on Old Mates Farm. He doesn’t mind a scratch behind the ear either.

You can also meet Blossom and the twin goats that were born in July 2020.

Khan, Bella, Sahara and Max

There is always an excited line of children waiting for a turn to pat the minature horses at Old Mates Farm. 

Charlie & Big Al

Have you ever seen a Buffalo up close? Big Al and Charlie don’t mind saying hello through the fence. These boys are big and can be a bit clumsy with their horns, so please stay on the right side of the fence.

Cluck, Duck, Goose

Our farmyard chooks are the popular first stop on our animal feeding tour. The kids love to have a cuddle, and the girls are used to the attention.

The geese on the other hand are best admired from a distance, they can get a bit bossy.

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Our small flock of sheep don’t mind a bit of attention from our mini farmers. Especially if it’s dinner time. The lambs are super cute to see if you are visiting in Spring.


Ash loves life on Old Mates Farm and takes out the award for THE most favourite animal on the farm. You might be lucky and get a daily visit from Ash at your campsite.


Who can resist those gorgeous eyes, especially when she is begging for food. You can tell by her waistline that she enjoys a snack or two but please resist the urge to feed the dogs!


Cheeky Chips is always making Old Mate cranky getting up to mischief in the farmyard chasing buffalo and cattle. He does love a good cuddle though.

*Photos of Old Mates dogs courtesy of Mark Bennett of MCB Fine Art and Photography

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Photo's provided by talented Panoscapes photographer Steven Nowakowski.